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As a Girl…

I believed in true love.  I believed in being married to ONE person for life.  I believed in so many rosy colored things, I can’t remember what that world truly looked like or can I?  As crazy as some will … Continue reading

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Dark Patch

With so much to get done, I am weary and stuck in such a rut.  I don’t understand why.  I know I saw a candle at the end of this tunnel several weeks ago, shouldn’t it be brighter?  I was … Continue reading

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Windows of the Soul… Part 2

Do you have a disability with multiple symptoms, complications, or multiple illnesses?   That if you exert too much energy, being a relative term, you pay for it the next day or more?   I am but one of many in this … Continue reading

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Rush… Better Late Than Never

Ok, so either You hate the man or You don’t.  I never thought I’d write about the big man, and when I use the term “big” I mean it in a derogatory sense; he’s fat in more ways than one. … Continue reading

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How Thick is Your Skin?

Motivation can be found in many areas; whether it be in what we see, who we speak with, how we feel on any given day, etc.  Today, I feel compelled to speak about motivation given via others that we speak … Continue reading

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One Beautiful Day…

It was so beautiful here.  I couldn’t help myself but to go for a walk, which for me is a hard thing to do without putting on every brace I have.  All winter its been bland, but on this day, … Continue reading

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