Crisis of Faith

I read a small book each day called “Examining the Scriptures Daily” 2012.   Each day there is a new scripture and some days it feels like the scripture is just for me and other days it feels like I’m missing the understanding and I wish there was someone I could ask for help to understand what I just read.  This is part of what I have built up inside.  A crisis as it seems.

In order to get answers, I have to go back.  If I go back, I have to change the way I live my life. There in lies the crisis of faith.  For it is in my faith that I feel strength to do what I must do everyday, its my faith that makes me such a strong, loving, and dedicated servant , yet at the thought of going back I feel weak, not able, unworthy, etc…

Today’s scripture was simply this:

“The heart is more treacherous than anything else” – Jer. 17:9

May all our prayers be heard.



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