Pretend for $5

Seriously, while sitting here looking through for any gigs for work; i have two gigs out there but have not received any hits as of yet. Yes, you can get just about anything for $5.00, technically $4.00, the website has to make a buck too.  Ok, as I was saying, what people won’t do, is down right CRAZY!!!!

Now, y’all are saying “Jane, honey, sweety… you just wrote about an Alternative Lifestyle Event, so seriously?  How can you call something or anyone else crazy?”  Yeah, I know, right?  But still..  😉

Either they want WAY too much from you for your whopping $4 bucks or there are people willing to be your girlfriend/boyfriend/buddy/dog/lizard or whatever you need them to be, for whatever purpose – business or pleasure, via video or a period of time on say Face Book.  Ewweeee, really, be a pretend friend for 10 days on Facebook??  Am I that desperate?  No… but some people seemed to have been…

Ok, I’m done.   I just had to say Eeeeewwwweeee to someone else that might understand that, though there is a computer and we do use it for many things, including making a living.  That there are somethings it is safe to say, that go too far and for those that need to pay for a temporary pretend boyfriend or girlfriend on Facebook please, I beseech you –  Get a life! Get a pet!  Do something better with your time!!!

Words of wisdom for the day!


About janedoe68

I am anyone, everyone, and no one. I have lived many lives, under many different names. I could be your best friend, your sister, a neighbor, your boss, your daughter, your mother, an enemy, a confidant, even your grandmother. Yes, I have lived and I have been all of these things at one point in time to someone. I am a multi-faceted woman. I write anonymously, to be heard not for who I am, but for what I have to say.
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