Words are Power…

When my children were in school they had an assignment to create an ‘Alter Book’.  This meant a trip to the local Thrift Store to find just the right old books to play around with.  After many years, that one assignment, ended up becoming a craft made time and again instead of buying journals, they created alter books, eventually, I even created my own when I started talking to my Husband online.  It held all of these amazing fantasies, ideas, emotions meant only for His eyes and mine, oh and  WORDS, WORDS, AND MORE WORDS… His Words, my Words, OUR WORDS ENTWINED, I savored every moment making this Alter Book to bring to Him when I did finally meet Him face to face.  The spoken word and the written word were what we had for months because we lived so far away from each other.  We had pictures and the web camera. (Get your mind out of the gutter, nothing like that happened) It was all in the WORDS… (Of course, His voice is amazing and His eyes have always been oceans to drown in – so, ok, yes, that did help. *giggling as I look back*)

I’d like to share with you today the POWER that words can have on a person not just for one day, but for everyday of their lives.  These WORDS were written to me and to this day, they haunt my very soul and I drop to my knees in awe when I read them… (and I have read them for close to seven years)

As it is written to my question… (the question is unimportant)

“I’m not asking for blood alone, Im requiring COMPLETE ownership… “MY will be done” so to speak; your soul in the  palm of my hand to do with as I will. Complete faith and trust and love… unrelenting, tireless, unabated and raw.

And here is the answer you seek…

My desire is to be your guardian, your lover, your Master, your passion, your life force, your owner, your everything, and nothing more than that.  There is the answer you asked for, be careful what you ask and how you ask it darling girl.”

These WORDS were written to me; to take lightly these words, would be dishonorable, or worse yet a grave sin.  I took them to my very heart and soul, BEFORE THEY WERE EVER SAID.  Could YOU give this much to another?  Could you feel this deeply to the point of being “raw”?  Eventually being asked for your dreams as well as your waking hours, so that all revolves around ONE and ONLY ONE for life in every way humanly possible?

Communication is in words, in a glance, in a touch.  POWER, REAL POWER, is in your WORD(S).


Drowning in Awe,


About janedoe68

I am anyone, everyone, and no one. I have lived many lives, under many different names. I could be your best friend, your sister, a neighbor, your boss, your daughter, your mother, an enemy, a confidant, even your grandmother. Yes, I have lived and I have been all of these things at one point in time to someone. I am a multi-faceted woman. I write anonymously, to be heard not for who I am, but for what I have to say.
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