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Words are Power…

When my children were in school they had an assignment to create an ‘Alter Book’.  This meant a trip to the local Thrift Store to find just the right old books to play around with.  After many years, that one … Continue reading

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Each One, Teach One…

I just looked up at that, in the corner of my front page, as I was reading over my new post, and I can hear the womans voice in my mind, telling a crowd of people this.  I can hear … Continue reading

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Dark Patch

With so much to get done, I am weary and stuck in such a rut.  I don’t understand why.  I know I saw a candle at the end of this tunnel several weeks ago, shouldn’t it be brighter?  I was … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I reblogged, what I thought was an interesting article.  At the same time, it was a learning experience, since I’ve never “reblogged” before.  I don’t know if it’s due to my “theme” or due to my inexperience or a … Continue reading

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Lets Reblog! Its Good Stuff!

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Writers are no strangers to stress. Many of us work full-time day jobs and write, or we balance a family and write, or we balance a family, a day job, and school, and…

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The Game is a Foot…

My Brain is playing a game with me today.  Hell, if I’m honest, it plays one with me everyday.  Today, I’m writing about it… This is the trip its on, I’m on… How can one person believe in so many … Continue reading

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