Though religion is a topic most would shy away from, I will not.  What is your faith?  or lack there of?  Communication starts with us.

I love the topic of “Faith”.  I’m not a bible thumper, though I will quote scripture here for anyone that might want a little food for thought.  I have no problem with anyone disliking it or not, as a matter of fact; go ahead. Do You know why?  IT’S YOUR RIGHT TO HAVE YOUR OWN OPINION!

I believe in my faith, however, I am not “with” any structured organized religion at this time, due to my choice.  I’m putting together a Page for those that enjoy discussion under “Faith” its a fascinating way to talk to others and see what others believe or don’t believe.

Is it getting hot in here?  Nahhh. Just a hot flash, I’m menopausal.   🙂


About janedoe68

I am anyone, everyone, and no one. I have lived many lives, under many different names. I could be your best friend, your sister, a neighbor, your boss, your daughter, your mother, an enemy, a confidant, even your grandmother. Yes, I have lived and I have been all of these things at one point in time to someone. I am a multi-faceted woman. I write anonymously, to be heard not for who I am, but for what I have to say.
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2 Responses to Faith

  1. jonga57 says:

    I’ve only written one entry on my blog, but much of it parallels things you touch upon here. I very much cherish and depend on God’s grace through life’s joys and pains. As I wrote on my page, I realize the more I know about God, the less I realize about God.


  2. janedoe68 says:

    I’ve read your blog and its beautiful. Thank You for sharing in mine. Trust me when I say, I’m pretty sure that God is with us both right now, and He knows what we each need.

    Many blessings to you on your journey honey.

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