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Windows of the Soul… Part 2

Do you have a disability with multiple symptoms, complications, or multiple illnesses?   That if you exert too much energy, being a relative term, you pay for it the next day or more?   I am but one of many in this … Continue reading

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Next Generation Innovation

As a mother I would be so proud of this boy.  As a parent/grandparent I look and see hope for the future, that not all kids are sitting on their butts playing video games watching tv, eating their parents out … Continue reading

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Ok, I admit it.

So I like  Stephen Colbert and John Stewart. It’s about as political as I get.  Normally, You won’t see me post actually pages like this but today I am actually posting two. If You know about the boy who was … Continue reading

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Blocked up with too much to say…

So here I sit, a 43-year-old woman with severe RA.  I’ve written this post or tried 3 times and my hands are killing me.  Hours, literal hours, have pasted while I jump back and forth between writing and reading. Is … Continue reading

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What do YOU believe?

With the technology we have today,  we could easily enough find out where these emails originated from.   Hoax or Real?   Take it a step farther: If you are a person of faith, do you believe that this could … Continue reading

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Windows of the Soul… Part One

The other day was one of those days that the windows of the house needed to be cleaned.  It’s a dirty job, one that personally, I hate; ranks up there with dusting, not a big fan.  However, it was a … Continue reading

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Rush… Better Late Than Never

Ok, so either You hate the man or You don’t.  I never thought I’d write about the big man, and when I use the term “big” I mean it in a derogatory sense; he’s fat in more ways than one. … Continue reading

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