One Beautiful Day…

It was so beautiful here.  I couldn’t help myself but to go for a walk, which for me is a hard thing to do without putting on every brace I have.  All winter its been bland, but on this day, it was exceptional – sort of like today, except today I don’t have the energy to walk.

I got a few ideas while out walking, and  for those few minutes, i was free.  Free from the computer, free from the office, free from the house… Free… I walked around two man-made ponds (I’d like to call them lakes but they’re too small) one even had a fountain in it.  Very soothing to the soul and then…

As I walked closer to the store, I see something disturbing, Crime scene tape!  How long has it been since I passed this spot?  It’s not far from my home, when did it happen?  What happened? I don’t remember reading about it or hearing about it.  So, I took pictures. Pictures that disturbed me and one that inspired me.

This home has been abandon, life once lived there.  A family. What happened to them?  Are they all right?  Does anyone know or better said care? Hell, I didn’t even know and I live close enough to hear the sirens, if any.

As I continued to look around the property, I took another picture, more disturbing; though some would disagree.  It is what was left and it was everywhere on the property.

Left Behind

No one cared enough to even clean up.  It wasn’t that long ago, the trash was “fresh” so to speak.  No one cared… I continued to the store, to get my cigarettes (yes, I know bad habit; trying to quit) and asked the store owner if he had any idea what had happened.  Sincerely, HE HAD NO CLUE!  The store was no more than 50″ away from this home.  As judgemental as it may sound I was incensed by his lack of knowledge, but realized it wasn’t his lack of knowledge that incensed me, but my own.  When I walked home, I needed to find something on the property that was untouched by everything, still living, with no trash thrown on it to remember this walk by; something to remind me to keep my eyes open not only to the cruel reality of life, but to the beauty of life. This is what I found…

Though the picture didn’t come out as I would’ve hoped, it shows that life will go on no matter what happens around it; even when it is deserted, trampled upon, and dump on.  As I walked home, I looked around on the ground, following the same path back to my home, though I had not seen these flowers on the way to the store, I began to see the flowers all the way home.


About janedoe68

I am anyone, everyone, and no one. I have lived many lives, under many different names. I could be your best friend, your sister, a neighbor, your boss, your daughter, your mother, an enemy, a confidant, even your grandmother. Yes, I have lived and I have been all of these things at one point in time to someone. I am a multi-faceted woman. I write anonymously, to be heard not for who I am, but for what I have to say.
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