9 Household Items That Could Be Spying on You – Yahoo! Finance

Not that I’m paranoid or anything, but seriously, REALLY?!  This isn’t a joke either people, this is a serious article, though it seems comedic.  What is this world coming to? (Don’t answer that, I don’t want to know.)

9 Household Items That Could Be Spying on You – Yahoo! Finance.

I’m just sayin’ YOU NEVER KNOW!!!


A very jittery jane…

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Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer

 Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer.

We went to our local Walmart and there was a girl outside with her mom in the heat sitting on folding chairs with a big plastic ‘barrel’ kinda (about a gallon or two sized) for Alexandra’s Lemonade Foundation.  I had no idea what it was for, but my husband looked at her and said “we’ll get ya on our way out, ok honey?” and true to his word on our way out I had money to place this little girls jar… she couldn’t have been much more than three or four years old… she was adorable… and very polite.

Neither of us had any lemonade, nor was any offered to us. So I wanted to find out what the foundation was.

I BEG YOU… PLEASE check this foundation out and if you are able in whatever way possible, please donate, have a “stand” at your office, or do whatever you can for childrens’ cancer.  (This hit home when I read it – since we have a family member that’s 17 years old – who has gone through experimental chemo/radiation/physical therapy and we still don’t know and won’t know for at least another two weeks if it worked)

ALL THIS — WAS CREATED BY A CHILD THAT TOOK THE LEMONS LIFE HANDED HER AND SHE CREATED LEMONADE… that continues to grow and help others with all kinds of cancer.

As a mom and a grandma, there are so many things that just break my heart…

Yet, somehow, it is ALWAYS possible to find someone, somewhere,  somehow that stands strong and shows courage, hope, determination, faith and love.


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Newsmax’s Aftershock Survival Summit

Accidental computer idiot here.  I never claimed to be good at any of this, but when I checked my email, I saw an article that led me to this, out of the corner of my eye… it is like a Pandora’s box.

There is supposed to be a video on this page, but it doesn’t show up on my screen.  Do NOT push the stupid button on the page! Go up to your right hand corner and go to close out your page.  It will ask you if you are sure you want to leave, say no.  You’ll get an interesting glimpse of the supposed interview.

I can’t help but see a bigger picture.   Tell me what YOU see,  if its worth sharing.

Newsmax’s Aftershock Survival Summit.


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Why haven’t I written?  Just found out another piece of the puzzle of issues.

I am so tired, no really, I am so tired, but I can’t stop.  It doesn’t matter, but if I don’t give in to the naps, will I make it worse eventually?  No clue.  

It’s not a surprise, it’s not a big deal even, I mean it is, but it’s not (doesn’t make sense, never claimed I made sense).  It’s just “another thing to add to my list of crap” and on to the list of meds I take.  I don’t need a medical alert bracelet – I need a med alert tatoo arm sleeve! (at least then I’d have room for additional or inevitable changes) Or better yet… my own Squire! Yes, thats what I want (not really) my own Squire (in green tights) with a scroll, so I don’t have to carry all this with me.  I just have to pick the Squire up before appointments, and can wear a medical alert bracelet with the Squires name and number (incase of an accident).  Ta Da!!!

Pathetic. Yeah, I know, but as I said I’m tired, need to stay awake and needed to say out loud that I am a Narcoleptic along with other things.  I’m NOT lazy!!  I’m NOT making everything up!!  It has a name, not my name, but the disorder!!  I have it (the disorder), but I am not the disorder, no more than I am any of the other disorders I have (I hate the word disorder, but disease is worse).  I do NOT have these things by CHOICE!!  

Am I angry?  Yes.  I’m tired! I’m tired of everything around me, from the doctors calous way of telling me to the years prior feeling like i was going crazy and still not knowing anything more than – Hey no cure, this med works for you? ok, keep taking it for now. If I had no insurance I wouldn’t know any of this, I’m actually “old” to be diagnosed with this.

Every “disorder” within a family unit affects the WHOLE family unit whether they have the disorder or not.  So, the more the family has illness-wise the more the family needs to pull together to give each other support. Or it can rip the whole apart.  Friends are affected by it, social lives, everything we do as individuals – affects the whole.  You really don’t know what you have until you are in this kind of position.  

If I didn’t have my faith, I couldn’t stay as calm and passive about everything on a daily basis.  There are many websites to search and for those that have several different disorders together, support groups, and writing – hoping that there are those whether they read or not, there might be someone that understands.  If you are a care giver as well as patient, your on double duty.   

I hope there are others out there reading this, understanding.  I hope there are others out there reading this, finding solace that they aren’t alone. (and yes, i’ve dozed a few times in writing this)

May you find peace within yourself, balance within yourself, and lifes journey worth the effort everyday.




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Can couples stay close in different bedrooms?

This article is filled with interesting details, until you look at EVERY advertisement around and in the middle of the article.

Can someone else tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

Can couples stay close in different bedrooms?.

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As a Girl…

I believed in true love.  I believed in being married to ONE person for life.  I believed in so many rosy colored things, I can’t remember what that world truly looked like or can I?  As crazy as some will think I am, after reading the following, I still believe, that NOTHING is stronger than love.  I’ve felt all different levels of the word, including what some might consider too deep, too far gone.  Maybe for them, they are right.

I’ve been married five times.  This was not the life I had envisioned.  I’ve given birth to two children, not the ten, I’ve been pregnant with (Three ectopics, five miscarriages). I have lived a life that is full of unspeakable things, things I’ve done and things that have been done to me. Things that have changed my life forever, yet making me who and what I am.  A FIGHTER!  A fighter for LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT, HONESTY, COMMUNICATION, TRUST, the very VALUES I tried to instill in my children and live by, not always well, but did my damnedest to always hold myself higher; obviously there were times  in my past that I was unsuccessful, however, other times I held my head high, as I do NOW!

When my fourth marriage fell apart, I was beyond ready to become a ‘nun’ (without my being a Catholic) UNTIL… Yes, I’m a masochist, (literally) but this time I waited, we lived together for three years, I even told Him “no” the first time He asked me to marry Him  because I thought He was joking and besides, we BOTH said we’d never get married again.  The second time, I said “yes” –  didn’t think He’d ask me a third time.  He has held my heart in His hands for seven years and counting…  There has never been a man like Him nor will there ever be another like Him.  I didn’t need to marry Him, I couldn’t have been anymore devoted to Him then or now for that matter, marriage just made it a legal binding contract, which also made it more appropriate in the eyes of those in our family that are religious.  I surrendered my entire being, soul, life, to this Man.  Now I’m not sure if ANYONE ELSE can TRULY understand what that means, giving over your entire being (everything) – surrendering yourself in all ways possible; literally; that you are capable and then some, to push beyond what you think you’re capable just for that person to be happy- there are people that say they can, but they can also leave, which means to me, that they DON’T  know. It is the deepest darkest depths of the ocean of love, to me at least, that I could ever go in this life.  It also tells me, I wasn’t just wearing rosy colored glasses when I was a kid, that this deep of love does exist.  Yes, it comes with a price, but one I, to this day, have been willing to pay.

So, don’t forget to look back at what you dreamt of as a girl/boy, don’t be afraid to say – it does or doesn’t exist, because one day, you might be proven wrong.  Though, I’d like to say it all works itself out in the end and we all live “happily ever after” or “we live the life we are destined to live” or some other madness; I can’t.  What I can say is NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER STOP TRYING!  NEVER LET OTHERS TAKE AWAY YOUR DREAMS, YOUR STANDARDS, YOUR VALUES, YOUR “YOU”!   (it’s easier said than done, time, time, and time again)

*This was taken partially from Lets take a moment to blog; which has now become  private, DO NO ASK, NO ONE WILL BE GIVEN ACCESS*

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Is this the right pet for me?

If you are looking for a pet, do your research.  If you have a pet, talk about it to others that might have the same or are looking for one just like yours.  Do you enjoy, strange, exotic pets and think no one understands?  Of course there’s a section for that!


This site is a treat…  I’ve spent the last week on it.  In the last week, I’ve gone through some pretty strong old memories, just sharing about the animals I’ve owned.  I think it’s a wonderful place to visit.  Look at the tags I WROTE – THATS JUST A FEW OF THE TOPICS THERE!!!

Just a few minutes and you’ll be hooked!  I guarantee!



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